We maintain a warehouse of parts and supplies tailored specifically to dairies.  We can deliver products large and small to your site.  We run a regular supply route with products for CIP, milk harvest, udder hygiene, hoof care, water treatment, janitorial, and more.


Valley Dairy’s scheduled maintenance program takes preventative maintenance to the next level. A dairy’s equipment is measured against factory standards and potential problems can be fixed before systems shut down. For example, trained technicians will clean and inspect condensers, clean pulsators and install kits as well as replace rubber parts on the milker and the pipeline.


Valley Dairy maintains a service technician on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Technicians are trained in the latest equipment and computer technology through Bou-Matic and other continuing education programs. Plus, technicians have the experience to service various makes and models of dairy equipment.


Valley Dairy informally serves as general contractors and architects, guiding parlor upgrades or designing new facilities. With a need to minimize downtime at dairies, we prebuild and test assemblies in our shop. Delivery of larger, more complete, components leads to less disruption to the daily operation of the dairy.  We have gone as far as assembling whole parlors offsite and installing them on the farm in one day. This enhances construction schedules and the quality of the final product.


Our design work ranges from individual small brackets to complete milking centers to freestall barns.