About Us

Our History

valley dairy farm automation equipment suppliesValley Dairy Farm Automation started as a family business in 1982 when Bill Bouwman and his wife Carol bought the Bou-Matic dealership. Prior to setting up his own shop, Bill had spent four years servicing and installing milking equipment for the area’s previous Bou-Matic dealership. He stuck with Bou-Matic because they were seriously working to improve the milking experience for the comfort and health of the cow as well as teaching dealers how to measure and improve the performance of the milk harvest system.

Bill’s son, Kevin, started out in high school, doing service calls and helping with installation and as an adult became a full-fledged partner in the business. Kevin’s wife, Melinda, now also works alongside Carol in the office.

Over time, VDFA expanded to providing more than just Bou-Matic equipment, so we could provide help and improvement for the dairyman beyond the products and services Bou-Matic focuses on.

In 2004, VDFA outgrew the space we occupied and built a new building to accommodate our increasing business. As a significant advantage, the extra space allowed us to start prebuilding and testing assemblies on site and then deliver larger and more complete components, leading to less disruption to the daily operation of the dairy.

After Bill’s retirement in 2013, Kevin has seamlessly taken over leadership of the company. His strengths in technology and design enhance our business’s focus on automation to the benefit of every end user and their cows.

In 2015, VDFA launched an additional company Lyntech so that the successful customized products we provide to our dairymen can be utilized by more than just our customers.

Team Members

Kevin Bouwman manages the business, supports sales and designs or modifies products to fit the unique needs of our customers.

Fred Gaalswyk joined the team with an agronomy background and an aptitude for working with electrical and mechanical equipment. As technician for VDFA, Fred leads installations and service when required.

Jeff Reisma came to us with considerable experience in sales and maintaining equipment. Jeff leads our sales efforts, listens and works to find the best solution with the best products available.

Lee Van Grouw has experienced managing a dairy. He drives our route truck and delivers supplies in the surrounding area. He also works on installations and service when his schedule permits.

Lisa Bouwman is Marketing Director and Executive Assistant to Kevin.

Carol Bouwman answers the phone, manages the office, accounting and inventory.

Melinda Bouwman also answers our phones and assists in the office.