bill bouwman valley dairy farm automation
Bill Bouwman

Bill started the company in 1928 with his wife Carol after working 4 years servicing and installing milking equipment as an employee of the area’s previous Bou-Matic dealership.

kevin bouwman valley dairy farm automation
Kevin Bouwman

Bill started started doing service calls and helping with installation before he was out of high school. He, along with his wife Melinda, have been 50% owners of the company since 1999.

carol bouwman valley dairy farm automation
Carol Bouwman

Carol has been keeping the money and the paperwork flowing in the right directions ever since the beginning! She is also the person you most likely to talk to first when you call us.

fred gaalswyk valley dairy farm automation
Fred Gaalswyk

Fred joined us back in 2000, and has an agronomy background and an aptitude for working with electrical and mechanical equipment. He is our on-farm lead for installations.

jeff reisma valley dair farm automation
Jeff Reisma

Jeff has considerable experience maintaining equipment that has been used hard. He is presently our route sales and delivery person and does minor equipment maintenance.

tim rus valley dairy farm automation
Tim Rus

Tim joined us in 2007 after working for Service Trucks Int’l. and deals with sales. He grew up on a dairy farm and knows both the cows and the equipment.

tim englsma valley dairy farm automation
Tim Engelsma

Tim joined the company in September of 2008 and works in installations and service.

melinda bouwman valley dairy farm automation
Melinda Bouwman

Melinda helps with special projects in the office and fills in for Carol when she is on vacation.